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Stakeholder Comms

"Benefit from our 20 year public relations track record in the built enviroment"

"IRIS Collection offers you the expertise needed to identify exactly who your target audiences and contacts should be when carrying out any form of communications campaign, whether as part of a works project or other stakeholder engagement activity. We then help you decide how to reach them"

​We specialise in identifying the geographical boundaries and extents to which direct marketing campaigns such as letter drops and door-to-door liaison should run. This is performed primarily to ensure compliance with local authority requirements by keeping affected individuals informed at all stages whilst also adhering to best practice.

Our experience in collecting data for thousands of previous campaigns allows us to guarantee residences and businesses are not missed out, ensuring you communicate with everyone who will be affected by the projects you undertake. This minimises the possibility of any complaints being made or of residents failing to be notified of Section 61 related issues in advance of works..

Geographical boundaries 


Direct marketing campaigns

Compliance with 

local authority requirement

Section 61

related issues

​We specialise in identifying the geographical boundaries and extents to which community engagement campaigns should be conducted. This is performed primarily to ensure compliance with local authority requirements and that a project is well received by keeping affected individuals informed at all stages, whilst also adhering to best practice.


Our project impact surveys are second to none and our specialist software can determine a catchment area to target based on any and all relevant factors. Our experience in providing solutions for communicating with those identified in the catchment area for thousands of previous campaigns, allows us to guarantee relevant stakeholders are identified and reached. This ensures you open a positive and brand enhancing dialogue with all stakeholders of the projects you undertake. 

Geographical boundaries 


High Impact Communications

Local authority expertise

Legislative compliance


Iris offers a web-based project management and collaboration tool that enables clients to access all current and past projects. This means clients can reference, as required, all project information and files, including maps, surveys, estimates, copies of letters distributed, and future works programmes.

Our CRM makes it easy to centralise group communication with co-workers and clients. Tasks, scheduling, key action points, posting of messages and file-sharing are all key parts of this communication enhancing solution. Clients who need to be kept abreast of developments in real time can subscribe to the Iris project’s RSS feed.

London Operations

Since London and other major conurbations are in a state of perpetual change, we often supplement the use of the most up to date ordnance survey mapping data, with manual surveys.

We find this ensures faultless results, a more efficient delivery of operations and an accurately tailored end product. Although this process does involve additional time and effort, it provides our clients with a level of accuracy they will not receive elsewhere.

Data Security

High-level security for all sensitive files is provided as standard, Our systems are backed up nightly to a centralised server, with offsite backups in the event of a loss of files by either Iris or the client.

Track Record

With a proven 10-year track record in this specific and sensitive field which allows a very small margin for error, we are comfortable stating that our service offering in our field leads the market. Previous clients have based their methods on the solutions we have tailored for them and we work closely with them all to ensure their satisfaction is met.

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