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"Representing your community-focused reputation and creating via a professional 360-degree call response solutions"

Iris Direct Response Services provides a specialist outsourced call centre and complaint management service, with service quality as our key focus.

Iris Direct Response Services is supported by over 250 contact centre agents located in the UK and our service facilitates a reliable and professional relationship between you and the environment in which you are operating.


Ultimately, our aim is to protect and enhance your reputation and image as a community-focused business. We understand the critical nature of maintaining good community relations and the importance of providing a well-informed point of contact for potentially sensitive issues, as well as data collection in response to questionnaires or surveys.


All our operatives are fully briefed on the details that will enable them to answer any questions posed by a caller, much in the same careful way you would answer yourself. Through our extensive service offering,  we have become a truly 360-degree solution for our clients and our powerful delivery is aided by in-house experts in the fields of communications, community relations, noise and vibration consultancy and rail and construction sector practices, which ensure our staff are familiar with all relevant terminology associated with these fields.


At Iris Direct Response Services our primary focus is customer service.  The specifics that make up our solution accentuate why choosing Iris DRS offers a truly unique selling point that reduces the communication time for issues and escalation. We can, therefore, guarantee the best response time in the marketplace with great confidence, as our experience and involvement in the relevant fields is unparalleled. 

250 Contact centre agents 

Protecting & enhancing your reputation

Complete solutions

for our clients

Rapid response


Our people

The selection of our people is focused on employing professional individuals who are engaging and have a genuine flair for communication. We then fully train them in all aspects of call handling and associated procedures and quality standards.


Staff are then given a thorough background on the different types of issues and complaints they are likely to encounter for the client they are representing, and how best to appease the needs of each individual caller, all to your specifications.


Through this process, we ensure that we represent your business and back office processes in a positive fashion and to an impeccable standard.

All our staff are native, UK based speakers of English to ensure coherence and clarity of communication at all times.

A flexible dedicated service

Adaptability to our client's needs is all part of our sophisticated solution. Where appropriate, our staff are trained to utilise technology such as intelligent scripting for maximum adherence to how our clients want their calls answered.

We prefer to dedicate specific staff to specific clients so that we make the most of individual skill sets and experience, as well as allocating appropriate voices and personalities to the correct business.

Key features

The core features offered by our service include:

24/7 inbound contact centre and web support solutions including:

    • Order processing

    • Customer Service

    • Live Web Chat and Web Call

    • Helpdesk and Support

    • Email Response

    • Live Receptionist

    • Information Lines

    • Emergency Response. 

  • Eloquent and intelligent staff trained to answer to your specific requirements and in response to your specific client base, thus increasing client confidence.

  • Run in tandem with noise monitoring equipment (specifically for noisy worksites)

  • Capability to handle high call volumes effectively with guaranteed response times

  • Data collection and collation with documented reports and statistics giving total visibility on what is happening to your calls

  • Messaging services

Our assurance to you

It is in our interest that your business is represented by people who have been fully trained to answer calls in a way that is specifically dedicated to your account and business requirements.

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