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"Our highly integrated service manages environmental noise and vibration issues, aided by our extensive engineering expertise"

IRIS NVS is an engineering noise and vibration consultancy specialising in developing and implementing best practice and highly effective solutions in the fields of occupational and environmental noise and vibration.

The engineering expertise of our team allows us to develop streamlined, cost-effective solutions to the underlying problems in our field. We have developed innovations and technical improvements that have been adopted as current best practice by our clients and, in turn, their clients.

We offer an expanding range of noise and vibration related engineering consultant activities, training services, and bespoke noise analysis systems. The sheer range of projects we have been asked to undertake, has generated a constant stream of innovations and case studies.

All of our noise consultants are degree qualified engineers with a wide range of experience across industries such as aerospace, automotive, gas turbines and marine.

Qualified engineer consultants

Innovations & technical 


Streamlined & cost-effective


Being proactive

IRIS NVS provides a complete range of services for managing environmental noise and vibration issues, coupled with unique engineering expertise in monitoring, control, and mitigation.


Our reputation is based not only on providing clients with thorough, accurate and reliable assessments and predictions, but also delivering innovative and low-cost control methods. This allows us to provide a highly integrated service from measurement right through to detailed engineering solutions.


IRIS NVS also offers specific courses for our clients. These include:

  • Noise Competency Courses: developed and run the IOSH occupational and

  • environmental noise competency courses

  • HAV Competency Course: developed and run the IOSH HAV competency courses

Noise masking

Our unique noise masking solution actually combats unwanted noise with more noise – something we call ‘psychological psylencing’.

Noisy sites are fitted with our IRIS NVS designed ‘noise masking sound generating system’ during periods of disturbance. This masks the site induced sounds by playing background noise which diminishes the noise disturbance for affected residents.

The system has been designed to make the site noise less disturbing, reducing the likelihood of complaints and the potential high additional cost implications of reduced working hours.

Although it may seem strange that the answer to excessive noise is more noise, we invite those interested to request a demonstration as to how this innovative solution can help to make life easier for both our clients and those that their work affects.

Additional Services

We offer an extensive range of services all aimed to reduce your exposure to the risks of noise and vibration. They include:

  • Bespoke monitoring systems

  • Environmental surveys

  • Monitoring

  • Prediction

  • Impact assessments

  • Section 61

  • BS4142

  • Planning

  • PPG24

  • IPPC

  • Expert witness

  • Mitigation and control

  • Occupational noise and vibration risk assessment

  • HAV management (measurement and database)

  • Noise control

  • Vibration control

  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

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