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'Brand enhancing stakeholder engagement'

Construction & Rail Consultancy 


Since our inception, IRIS has been totally focused on building

a strategic best practice consultancy.

IRIS is dedicated to all aspects of best practice in stakeholder relations.


We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at helping companies involved in construction projects that impact on the general public, to protect and enhance their reputations and brand image, whilst delivering value-added support.


We have over 2 decades experience in the construction and railway industries and have developed extensive successful relationships with local authorities, government bodies and other key stakeholders. In every instance, our main aim is to provide an individually tailored solution to our clients’ needs, which we implement with a focus on enhancing their reputation.


Our bespoke services have been carefully designed in line with the requirements of our extensive list of previous clients, with the aim of making them more effective. In several instances, our solutions have been adopted as best practice by our clients and our vast experience, coupled with long-standing relationships within the rail and construction industries, have allowed us to be confident as to what constitutes the optimal approach to each individual challenge our clients present to us.


We are firm in our belief that consistently reliable solutions in all areas of stakeholder relations, are what our clients will encounter here at IRIS, as we continue in our solution focused approach, by passing on the direct benefits of our expertise.

DLC House

64 Upper Mulgrave Road

Cheam, Surrey, SM2 7AJ

Tel: + 44 (0) 208 408 7168

Fax: + 44 (0) 208 408 7122

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